Can I refer to a student to the writing center?  

Yes, faculty and staff members may refer students to the writing center. Although we prefer students to come to us of their own accord, we recognize that some students may not know about the writing center or the services we provide. A friendly referral from an instructor might also help some students feel more comfortable about seeking outside assistance with their writing.   

Can I require all my students to visit the writing center at least once a semester?  

You may require your students to visit the center, but please notify the center at in advance to ensure tutors are prepared to work with your students.

I received an email notification from the writing center about one of my students. What does this mean?  

An email notification means that the student visited the writing center for assistance with an assignment for your course and requested us to notify you of the student’s visit.  

How can I learn more about a student’s writing center session? 

If your student has given us permission to notify you of his or her visit, you may contact Dr. Brennan Thomas, the Writing Center Director, at to request more information about the student's session. We will not give out this information if the student has requested that the visit be kept confidential.   

What does a classroom visit entail?  

Either the writing center director or an experienced peer tutor will come to your classroom to speak with your students about the center’s goals, services and resources. A classroom visit is one of the most important ways we communicate the center’s institutional purpose and services to Saint Francis students, so we strongly encourage all faculty members who assign written projects to their students to schedule a classroom visit.

How do I schedule a classroom visit? 

If you are interested in scheduling a classroom visit, please e-mail Dr. Brennan Thomas, the center's director, at Please give your name, course title, classroom location, class meeting time, and preferred date for your requested classroom visit.