Fall 2020 Online Tutors

Our tutors represent a wide range of disciplines and majors, including Engineering, English, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy. They are trained to assist students with any part of the writing process, from prewriting and thesis formulation to idea development, source integration, documentation, and global and sentence-level revisions. 

Allison Appleton is a senior English/Secondary Education major.

Alyssa Baxter is a sophomore Aquarium and Zoo Science major. 

Evan Berkihiser is a senior Physician Assistant Science major.

Meghan DeFrancesco is a senior double major in English/Secondary Education and Psychology.

Cierry Eby is a senior Psychology major.

Emily Flynn is a senior Physician Assistant Science major. 

Skyler Kiessling is a fourth-year Health Studies major.   

Jonathan Kirk is a senior Middle Childhood Education major with an English concentration.

Abigail Lapid is a senior Physician Assistant major.

Rebecca Norris is a senior English/Secondary Education major.

Megan Oyaski is a sophomore Engineering major.

Karly Patton is a sophomore Occupational Therapy. 

Patrick Sprigler is a senior Nursing major.

Jack Weidner is a senior English major.

Dr. Brennan Thomas (Writing Center Director): Dr. Thomas is a full-time faculty member of the Literature and Languages Department at Saint Francis University. She teaches courses in writing, writing pedagogy, and the films of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.