Welcome to the Policy Website for official Saint Francis University Policies

A University Policy is a rule that has been officially sanctioned by the President of Saint Francis University and that generally has university-wide applicability. A policy may include governing principles, it may either mandate or constrain action, it may ensure compliance with laws, or it may mitigate the University's risk. Broadly, a Policy is either academic or administrative in scope and application and must be approved by the president (and Board of Trustees as required), in order to become official University Policy.

Managed by the Vice President for Finance & Administration, this site serves as a repository of current policies, and provides information about new, revised or deleted policies. The Finance & Administration Division oversees and collaborates with other divisions in regards to policy development, review and approval process, documentation, publishing and communicating policy activity.  Each division has a designated person that helps manage the policies within each area. More information regarding policy management can be found in the “Policy on Policies.”

Questions, suggestions or comments about University Policies are welcome. Please forward all suggestions to academiccompliance@francis.edu