Title: Student Health Insurance Requirement

Is This a Policy: Y

Responsible Office: Business Office
Policy Administrator: VP for Finance and Administration

Approved By: President's Council

Approved Date: 4/24/2019

Effective Date: 6/3/2020

Category: Student


Saint Francis University values the health and wellbeing of its students. Qualifying health coverage provides all full-time, matriculated undergraduate and graduate students, including international students, with the ability to be prepared for medical situations such as hospitalization, surgery, or specialty care. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires U.S. citizens to have health insurance that meets certain standards identified within this policy or pay a penalty. The University requires international students to carry health insurance that meets the same standards so that they may be prepared for medical situations. 

To help students meet the obligations of the ACA, the University sponsors a student health insurance plan that offers full-time, matriculated undergraduate and graduate students, including international students, access to an ACA compliant plan. The health insurance plan is available for purchase annually.


All full-time undergraduate (12+credits) students or any graduate student that is a student-athlete or enrolled in the Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Public Health, Cancer Care, or Nursing program must also have health insurance coverage. A Student Health Insurance Plan is available for those students who do not have current insurance coverage. All full-time students must participate in this insurance plan unless proof can be furnished that other similar insurance is carried by the student while they are attending Saint Francis University.  It is mandatory that all international students purchase this plan. No travel policies or waivers will be accepted.  
Your student account will be automatically charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). You must waive the insurance coverage by logging onto www.QMServicesinc.com. If you choose to waive the insurance and provide adequate insurance and coverage information, the charge will be removed from your student account. If you do not waive by August 31, you will be automatically enrolled in the health plan and the charge will remain on your account.
To be eligible to waive out of the school-sponsored health insurance policy, students must be covered by a comparable fully comprehensive healthcare policy that provides coverage in Loretto, Pennsylvania, and meets the following criteria:
  • No foreign insurance policies will be accepted
  • The policy must be Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliant
  • No reimbursement policies will be accepted
  • Your insurance must cover you from August 1 through July 31
  • Cannot exclude coverage for illness/injury under the influence of alcohol or drug use
  • Must include mental health coverage
  • Must cover pre-existing conditions without a waiting period
  • Must have service providers within the area
This process will need completed by the student for every academic year they attend Saint Francis University.

Student Health Insurance Plan (QM Services)

Saint Francis University and QM Services have worked together to provide student medical insurance coverage for the academic year. In the best interest of the students, the insurance plan implemented for the academic year will be provided by UPMC Health Plan. QM Services will continue as the satellite student insurance department to provide oversight, advocacy, management and consultation. If you have any questions regarding the benefit process, or in need of healthcare advocacy, you may contact QM Services at 800-273-1715.


Revision history

Notes Date
Updated phone number 5/27/2021
Revised by PC. 6/15/2020
Revised by PC. 6/15/2020
Added link for mandatory student health Insurance to QM Services. 6/20/2019
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Made policy available for review. 5/28/2019

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