Title: Student Activities and Organization: Travel Policy and Notification Procedure

Responsible Office: Center for Student Engagement
Policy Administrator: VP for Student Development
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Approved By: VP/Provost

Approved Date: 7/1/2017

Effective Date: 7/1/2017

Category: Institutional


Student Activities and Organization: Travel Policy and Notification Procedure


Saint Francis University has instituted the following policy and notification procedure for University-sponsored student travel to improve communication and to increase student safety. All students, faculty, and staff traveling on University-sponsored trips are expected to follow these guidelines. In addition, students are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook. Faculty and staff are expected to follow all relevant University policies.

University-sponsored travel is any trip organized and chaperoned by faculty or staff of the University that fulfills a curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular function. This policy covers University-sponsored travel to a destination within the United States. This policy does not cover travel by student-athletes to sporting events.

Student-athletes involved in athletic travel follow the protocol of the athletic department.

Types of Travel

Type of Travel Distance Mode of Transportation Forms required to be completed
Local Up to 200 miles round trip University vehicle or rental Trip roster
Domestic More than 200 miles round trip or involves an overnight stay University vehicle or rental, chartered bus, airline, etc. The trip roster with emergency contact information and travel liability waiver form
International Please contact the Study Abroad Office at studyabroad@francis.edu    

Student Travel Forms

Type of Travel Form to be completed Submission of the completed form to: Date Due
Local & Domestic The trip roster with emergency contact information

University police: police@francis.edu

Student Life: studentlife@francis.edu

Residence Life: residencelife@francis.edu

Student Development: lbanks@francis.edu

48 hours prior to travel immediately preceding the trip
Domestic Domestic travel liability waiver form Department sponsoring trip Prior to travel

Use of Vehicles while on University Sponsored Trips

University Vehicles

University vehicles are available for use by departments and student organizations for University-sponsored travel. Prior to operating a University vehicle, employees and students must have authorization from University Police. To obtain authorization, each drivers motor vehicle record and drivers license must be checked. In addition, each driver must complete driver safety training. For more information, contact University Police.

Rental Vehicles

In many situations, groups may need to rent vehicles for University trips. Vans larger than a 15 passenger van may not be rented. For more information, contact the Purchasing Department.

Student and Employee Vehicles

The University generally provides transportation for all University-sponsored trips. If a student or employee chooses to drive a personal vehicle that person and all passengers assume all risks associated with that travel and agree to hold Saint Francis University harmless from any and all problems that may arise. In the event a student or employee is involved in an accident in his/her personal vehicle, that student or employee is responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle and any injury or property damage to others.

Guidelines When Traveling

Drivers must abide by all traffic laws. In addition, drivers are not permitted to engage in any activity that may distract them as they drive. This includes using cell phones for email or text. However, drivers may use cell phones to make and receive voice calls in a manner allowed by state law. Drivers shall not use alcohol 24 hours prior to departure or during travel. Medications that cause drowsiness should not be taken in the 12 hours prior to departure or during travel. Any and all illegal drug use is prohibited.

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency (any event requiring the services of police or emergency personnel), the chaperone must first call local emergency services by dialing 911. The chaperone should then contact University Police as soon as is practical. Chaperones should not make any statements to the media in regards to the incident but should leave that to the marketing department.

Required Trip Rosters

A trip roster shall be sent via email to:

The trip roster should be confirmed and communicated 48 hours prior to travel or immediately preceding the trip to ensure accuracy in the event there are additions or deletions. A copy of the trip roster should be kept by the trip chaperone. For domestic travel, the trip roster must include emergency contact information for all travelers. The department or program sponsoring the trip will retain the liability waiver forms on file until the trip ends. The complete policy and travel forms may be found at http://info.francis.edu/student-travel-policy- and-notification-procedure.

Questions or concerns regarding travel liability should be directed to Jeffrey Savino, Vice President, Finance and Administration Division.

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