Title: General Traffic Regulations

Responsible Office: University Police
Policy Administrator: VP for Finance and Administration
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Approved By: VP/Provost

Approved Date: 7/1/2017

Effective Date: 1/18/2018

Category: Campus Use and Facilities


A summary overview of all on campus, general traffic regulations


  • The speed limit on campus is 20 miles per Officers will use speed timing devices to ensure compliance with campus speed regulations.
  • Pedestrians shall AT ALL TIMES have the right of Any driver not yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk will be in violation of campus policy and will receive a traffic citation with a fine of $25.00 and three (3) points towards their campus parking privileges.
  • Operating or parking motor vehicles on sidewalks, athletic fields or lawns is prohibited.
  • No person shall interfere with traffic enforcement or the operation of any traffic control device, ignore any officers signal or instruction, tamper with, destroy, or deface any traffic control 
  • Any vehicle operated or parked on University property shall be so operated or parked in a manner as to conform to the parking regulations of the University and the laws of the Loretto Borough, Cambria County, and Common-wealth of Pennsylvania
  • No person shall park or operate a motor vehicle on University property in such a manner which could cause damage to any University property or grounds.
  • The University reserves the right to have removed from its property abandoned vehicles, vehicles without a valid current license plate displayed, and vehicles parked in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic or to the movement and operation of emergency The owner or operator will be responsible for all costs involved in removal of such vehicles. The University will assume no responsibility for damage(s) to any vehicles which were ordered removed (towed) from the campus by the University or for the contents of such vehicles. For further explanation (see Towing Policy).
  • It is prohibited to transport passengers on the fenders, hood, roof, bed, or in the hatch area or trunk of any Drivers who violate this policy will have their campus driving privileges suspended.
  • If an operator fails to yield the right of way or stop for the police vehicle while the emergency lights are in operation, parking and driving privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the academic Fleeing or attempting to elude a Police vehicle will result in a loss of parking/driving privileges for the remainder of the academic year. A traffic citation will be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. It shall not be a defense to say that another student, faculty or staff member was operating the vehicle.
  • During the time of 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, vehicles on campus must be parked in their RESERVED area, or in a designated parking
    • After 5:00 pm, (and until 5:00 am), Monday through Friday, on weekends and official holidays (as defined by University policy), registered vehicles may park in any legal parking area including visitors spaces, business spaces, the chapel side of the mall, and reserved areas not marked with a RESERVED 24 hour PARKING This does not include the Louis/Ave, Christian and Treeline lots or the parking lots located behind Saint Joan and Saint Elizabeth Halls.
    • Drivers who find their reserved parking space taken by an illegal parker are not permitted to block another vehicle that has taken their Drivers who find their reserved parking space taken must contact University Police who will attempt to identify the violator and have the vehicle removed. Until the reserved space is available the reserved parker, disadvantaged by the violator must park in a parking lot appropriate to their parking permit color. Parking citations will be issued to anyone violating this section.
    • The Stokes Athletic Center upper parking lot is posted with Faculty and Staff Parking Only Vehicles parked there without a Faculty/Staff parking permit will be cited for the violation.
    • The Lower Field House Parking Lot and Moutainview Lane are reserved for Faculty and Staff parking only 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Unless otherwise advised.
    • There is No Overnight Parking in the back section of the lower Stokes Parking.
    • Employees using privately owned vehicles for job related tasks may be permitted to park their vehicle in restricted areas with the approval from the University Police and must display the appropriate permit (Custodian or Physical Plant).
    • At no time will faculty, staff, students, or guests be permitted to park vehicles on any roadway located on Saint Francis University property unless authorization is granted by the University Police.
  • The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly shall not constitute a defense for illegal Furthermore, because some vehicles were ticketed while others were not shall not be a defense. Authorized parking in a particular area may be granted for some vehicles while denied for others; depending on the need and circumstances.
  • It is the responsibility of students, faculty and staff members to notify the University Police Department should an unregistered vehicle be brought onto campus Members of the University community will be permitted to park unregistered vehicles on campus for the day after notifying the Department and furnishing to them identifying information about the vehicle. Short term parking permits are also available, free of charge to registered parkers temporarily using an unregistered vehicle. Failure to report an unregistered vehicle to the University Police Department may result in the issuance of a parking violation.
  • Raymond Parking Lot and Peace Lane are reserved for white permit Raymond lot is a reserved lot; anyone who currently has reserved parking in Raymond can park in any open parking space in the Raymond lot. Peace Lane will remain individual reserved spaces. Those who have reserved parking in Raymond cannot park on Peace Lane and those who have reserved spaces on Peace Lane cannot park in the Raymond lot.
  • For commuter students and visitors to have easier access to the JFK building, the lower JFK parking lot is separated by a solid green/purple Resident students must park their vehicle on the Small Business Development center side of the line. The side nearest to the JFK Building is reserved for commuter students, visitors and employees.
  • Reserved DiSepio Patient Parking Spots are for patients receiving Physical Therapy Treatment only and not for Student Health or other DiSepio You must acquire a special temporary permit from the PT clinic to legally park in these spots.

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