Title: Visitor and Disabled Parking

Responsible Office: University Police
Policy Administrator: VP for Finance and Administration
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Approved By: VP/Provost

Approved Date: 7/1/2017

Effective Date: 7/1/2017

Category: Campus Use and Facilities


Visitor and Disabled Parking


Visitor Parking

Visitor parking areas include the JFK lots, lower Stokes lot, along Lakeview Drive and Franciscan Way (chapel).

Visitor and short term parking is not permitted along any roadways on University property.

Persons whose business may require them to be on University property for extended periods of time to make equipment repairs, perform maintenance work, etc., must contact the University Police Department and a temporary parking permit will be issued for the day.

Overnight guest parking is restricted to the JFK parking lot only.

  • All guest who are staying on campus overnight must register their vehicle with University.
  • Once registered they will be given a temporary parking pass for the dates requested.
  • All guests parking violations will be the responsibility of the Student, Staff or Faculty member who they were visiting.

Disabled Parking

Persons with a physical condition which precludes them from parking in a designated area may obtain a Temporary Parking Permit from the University Police Department.

  • Students who require a temporary disabled pass, must contact April Fry at the Center for Student Success for all student ADA accommodations.
  • Employees of the University who require a temporary disabled pass, must contact Marian Bender at Human Resources for all employee ADA accommodations.
  • For both students and employees a physicians note is required and must be presented to either April Fry or Marian Bender in order to obtain disabled parking privileges.

Once you are approved for a temporary disabled parking pass, the University Police Department will be contacted and given all the required information.

This temporary permit is good for one (1) month from the date it is issued.

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