Saint Francis University

Policy Title: Withdrawal from the University

Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
Policy Officer: Chief Academic Officer
|Faculty |Staff |Student

Approved By: VP/Provost

Approved Date: 8/17/2017

Effective Date: 8/17/2017

Category: Academics


It is recommended that students contemplating withdrawal from the University first discuss this question with their advisor or counselor. If students decide to withdraw, the Career Services' staff is available to assist them in clarifying and reaching their future goals. Information and counseling are available regarding transferring to other institutions as well as assistance in reaching new occupational objectives.

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Students who need to withdraw from Saint Francis University are required to complete an official withdrawal form from the Center for Academic Success. This form will then be signed by the director CAS (or designee) and sent to various offices at the University. The official withdrawal process includes the completion of the official withdrawal form, clearing of all financial obligations, and returning the laptop.

Students considering withdrawal from the University should be aware that they are subject to the regulations governing withdrawal from courses. Therefore, if students withdraw from Saint Francis University after the official date for dropping a course, they will receive a grade of "F" for all courses carried that semester. If a student can show just cause (illness or family emergency) the student may, in consultation with the instructor, apply for a grade of "CN" or "W" for any course from which he or she withdrew. If such arrangements are not made by the student, the "F" grade will apply. As usual, the "F" grade in this instance is calculated in the student's grade point average.

If a student requests a leave of absence for the semester or year, he or she will complete the official withdrawal process. When the student is ready to return to the University, he or she will contact the Office of Admissions and request to reactivate their studies. Any student who withdraws from the University may request to be re-admitted by contacting the Office of Admissions.

Please refer to "Financial Information" and "Refunds" for information on financial refunds in the case of withdrawals.

Withdrawal Procedures due to Military Service

Students called to active duty as reservists should provide a copy of their military order to the Registrar. Copies of this order will be forwarded to the Business Office, Financial Aid Office, and the Office of Veterans Affairs.

Students who request a full semester withdrawal will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. Any University room/board contract fees would be refunded on a pro-rated basis for the actual services the student has received up to the date of the withdrawal.

If a substantial part of the semester has been completed at the time the student receives deployment orders, the student may make arrangements with faculty to complete his/her academic responsibilities for the semester and apply for a "CN" grades according to the procedure described in the University catalog. Room and board will be pro-rated as mentioned above.

Students who receive University-issued laptop computers are required to return the computers at the time they leave to fulfill their military obligation.

Students who complete their active military duty and request re-admission to the University will be automatically re-admitted with all admission fees waived. The student's academic standing at the time of re-admission shall remain as it was prior to the call to active military duty.

This policy also includes military dependents whose families must move due to redeployment and/or relocation.