Saint Francis University

Policy Title: Vaccination Policy

Responsible Office: Student Health Center
Policy Officer: Chief Academic Officer

Approved By: Office of the President

Approved Date: 10/6/2021

Effective Date: 10/11/2021

Category: Student


Vaccination Policy


All Saint Francis University students must have completed specific immunizations before arriving for classes and/or moving into campus housing. Required vaccinations are detailed on electronic student health forms provided to all new students.  

Students are required to submit their electronic health form to MyHealth@School (University Health Services). Electronic health forms are reviewed in detail by the professional staff in MyHealth@School. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all student health form requirements in full. No student will be permitted to stay in residence halls without proper meningitis vaccination documentation.

All required immunizations are available through local pharmacies or the student's Primary Care Physician. Vaccinations are also available at MyHealth@School at a reasonable charge. Vaccine waivers may be completed if the student has medical or religious reasons. Students requesting a waiver are provided detailed information on potential risks before completing a signed release. 

Notification Process for Students:

  • All freshmen and transfer students are provided with electronic student health forms by the Office of Admissions for completion following payment of their tuition deposit.
  • Before arrival on campus, students are notified by MyHealth@School employees if any aspect of their electronic health form is incomplete.
  • Upon arriving on campus, new students with incomplete health forms are notified in person at New Student Check-in of all missing information on the electronic records. Individuals intending to move into campus housing and who do not have their required meningitis vaccination will be required to obtain and provide proof of immunization before they can attend classes or move into their campus housing.


University President: rev. 10-11-2021